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US president Volunteer Award

Congratulations! BICA를 통해 미대통령 봉사상을 받은 학생들은 다음과 같습니다. 2022 June Kim (Gold Medal 100 hours )

2023 Daniel Pi (Gold Medal 200 hours ), Claire Choi (Gold Medal 111 hours), Yejoo Kim ( Bronze, +130) 2024 Jayden Chun (Gold Medal, 152 hours), Daniel Park (Gold Medal, 121 hours), Evan Jung (Silver Medal, 77.5 hours) Who is eligible? 15 to 17 year old US Citizens or Permanent residents High School students who volunteered at BICA at least one semester or ten hours. When to submit the application May each year , See the sample application form here. 신청서 샘플

Age Group




Teens (15)

50–74 hours

75–99 hours

100+ hours

Young Adults (16–17)

100–174 hours

175–249 hours

250+ hours

Daniel Pi 2023
June Kim 2022

Yejoo Kim 2023
Claire Choi 2023

US President Volunteer Award Essay

The Value of Volunteering

Daniel Park (9th)

During my freshman year of high school, I was fortunate to have numerous opportunities to volunteer and help others. Throughout the many hours of helping and serving others, I have acquired useful skills that I will keep in mind and apply to my life in my subsequent years. I gained empathy for the campers through Camp Camp and developed patience as a homework tutor for children during the BICA homework club. Throughout my time on the praise team at my church and for the nursing home performance, I also discovered how crucial it is to be well-prepared and practice. Most importantly, through a mission trip in Mexico, I found that God can work through anyone to help spread the gospel and show his love to everyone.

My first volunteer experience was in Mexico. I went to Mexico during winter break for a mission trip. In Mexico, many other missionaries and I served the people by informing them about the gospel and praying for them. We also gave all the families and individuals who attended our gathering food and toys for the children. There was this one instance where I prayed for someone, and they began to cry and express gratitude. I can genuinely say that I witnessed God at work in everyone, including myself.

Camp Camp is a non-profit organization that gives people with special needs from the age of 5 to 55 years old the opportunity to have fun at a camp while not worrying about how they look or act. When the opportunity was first presented for me to go to Camp Camp, I was hesitant and uneager. I didn’t want to waste my spring break as a camp counselor, but I still went, hoping to get something out of it.

When I arrived, I met my camper, Zachary, who was going to be my best friend for the next five days. Even though it was a bit tiring, I had tons of fun with Zachary doing all sorts of activities like dancing, archery, arts and crafts, and so much more. Throughout the five days of camp, I learned how important it was to treat the campers with respect and to understand that they cannot control what they are going through. After coming back home and reflecting on my experience, I realized that I did not have a single bad moment in Camp Camp, and spending my spring break there was a blessing.

Another volunteering opportunity I had was at the BICA homework club where I was able to help children with their schoolwork. Since the homework group met on Saturday mornings, it was challenging to muster up the energy to attend and assist the kids. Still, I did my best to guide the children in doing their assignments. Sometimes the kid whom I tutor will not understand the question or problem right away. I learned to be patient and even-tempered with the kids for them to understand what I was trying to convey.

I have a passion for music and I want to use it to serve God and others. I found that I could do just that by joining the praise team by playing electric guitar for the youth group at church. The praise team not only serves and glorifies God’s name with praise, but it also benefits the congregation as well, providing music for them to sing along to. When I first joined the praise team, I was not practicing sufficient amounts. This led me to mess up my solos and distract others during worship. Through that experience, I recognized the importance of practicing and being well-prepared for worship. When I was

granted the invitation to perform a trumpet and trombone duet for the residents at a nursing home, I was eager to go. I used the knowledge that I had from praise team and made sure to practice so that I could give the people at the nursing home something pleasant to listen to. I had a great time performing at the nursing home and getting to know some of the wonderful people there.

I am thankful to everyone for allowing me to take part in many volunteer activities. I had the opportunity to learn and develop as a human being during these wonderful times in addition to being able to help others. I will always treasure these experiences and look forward to other service chances.

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