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We provide Bible, English, Korean language, and other extra-curriculum activities. This program aims to promote Christian worldviews and multi-cultural education that a public school may not offer. A scholarship may be available if the students receive free lunches at school, or their parents are full-time ministers of a  small church or missionaries.  Please check the scholarship page.

이번학기 BICA온라인 프로그램에서는 성경, 영어, 한국어를 제공합니다.  일반 공립학교에서 배우기 어려운 기독교 세계관 교육과, 다문화와 깊이 있는 문해교육을 지향하고 있습니다.  장학금 대상자는 다음과 같습니다. 학교에서 무료 급식을 받거나, 소규모 교회의 목회자 혹은 선교사의 자녀들입니다.  자세한 사항은 장학금 페이지를 참조하십시요.

  • Dates: January to May, 2021
    English Classes
    -Writing Club [WC] $170  (6 to 8th grade) Sat. Jan. 9*, 16*, 23, 30, Feb. 6,13*,  20, 27, Mar. 6  8 to 9:30 or 10 am CT
    -Sentence Diagramming [SD] $170  (7 to 9th grade) Sat. Mar. 13*, 27, Apr. 3, 10, 17, 24, May 8,* 15*   8 to 9:30 or 10 am CT
     WC and SD have 90 min web-conferencing time for six sessions and 120 min (* dates above) for three sessions. Total 15 hours.
    -World History [WH]  Early Modern Times $200** (4 to 6th grade)  Sat. Jan. 23, 30, 6, 20, 27, Feb 6, 20, 27, Mar.6, 27, Apr. 3, 10, 17, 24, May1   WH has 90 min web conferencing time for 12 weeks.  Total 18 hours. 10 to 11:30 am CT
     ** If you cannot pickup a craft package, or live in other states or country, BICA may ask you to pay for the shipping. ($10 to 20)

    Korean Classes
    -Korean II [K2] $200  Sat. Jan. 23, 30, 6, 20, 27, Feb 6, 20, 27, Mar.6, 27, Apr. 3, 10, 17, 24, May 1. 9 to 10:30 am CT
    -Korean III [K3] & Korean IV [K4] $200 Wed. Jan 20, 27, Feb 3, 17, 24, Mar. 3, 24, 31, Apr. 7, 14, 21, 28
     K3: 4:30-6:00 pm CT, K4: 7 to 8:30 pm CT.
    All Korean classes have 90 min web conferencing time for 12 weeks.  Total 18 hours.

  •  Tuition Discounts are available for Korean Classes only.
    -If your child takes one English class and one Korean class, the Korean class tuition will be $170.

  • Mail payment to BICA, 4405 Caldwell Palm Cir. Round Rock, TX 78665
    or you can send via ZELLE 
    (Please do NOT use BICA email or Phone number. We will give you our Bank Account Number once you have submitted your registration form.) 
    *Supply and extra textbook fee may be added depending on the class.
    * Some courses may not be offered if there is insufficient registration. 


2021 Spring Online Courses


Korean II

1st~3rd Grade
This course focuses on basic grammar and words for the students who have finished Korean alphabets and phonics.  한글 모음 자음을 마친 저학년 학생들이 기본 문장과 문법을 익히는 수업입니다. 
​Teacher: Yuna Yang  양유나


Sat. 9-10:30 am


Writing Club

6-8th Grade
BICA Writing Club provides ample practice for the mastery of the five-paragraph essay. The students will go through drafting, revising, conferencing, and editing in a supportive and respectful writers’ community.
January 9 to March 6 (9 sessions)

Sat. 8-9:30 /10am


Korean III

4-6th Grade
This course focuses on various forms of sentences with picture books, and Korean Culture 다양한 문장과 한국 문화를 배우는 수업입니다. 

​Teacher: Soojeong Han 한수정 

Wed. 4:30-6:00 pm


World History

4-6th Grade 
We will explore the World History (Vol.3,  Early Modern Times) with Susan Bauer's award winning series- Story of the World. Let's find out what happened all around the world in long-ago times. 

​Teacher: Yeonjai Rah 

Sat. 10-11:30am


Korean IV

5-8th Grade
This course focuses on academic vocabulary, logical writing, and verbal presentation skills.
기독교적 세계관, 한국역사 및 사회에 대한 이해와 높이며,  논리력과 글쓰기 실력을  키우고자 합니다. 
Teacher:  Mijung Kim 김미정

Wed. 7-8:30 pm



7-9th Grade
Diagramming Sentences is a visual way to learn  the function of every part of a sentence.  This skill will develop a deeper understanding of English grammar, and help understand how the parts of speech function together to create various sentences.
March 13  to May 15
​Teacher: Yeonjai Rah 

Sat. 8-9:30 /10am


  • Yuna Yang(양유나): M.A. in music, BICA Korean language Kinder class teacher 2018.
    She serves Youth Group of Lord's Church. (어스틴 주님의 교회) 


  • Mijung Kim (김미정) 
    A secondary teaching certificate(Korea)
    Central  Yedam Christian Academy
    ( middle and high school)

  • Soojeong Han( 한수정 ) 
    -Korean Teacher's License Grade2
    -Korean Education as a Foreign Language at Hankuk University of foreign Studies.
    -Tesol certificate from ELTA of Ireland



  • Complete the online registration form. 온라인 등록과 학비납입이 모두 마쳐질때 등록이 보장됩니다. 선착순으로 학생을 모집합니다. 

  • Mail payment to BICA, 4405 Caldwell Palm Cir. Round Rock, TX 78665

  • Please make checks payable to BICA or Bridge International Christian Academy.

*Note: Please contact  before you send your registration to check availability. Spots fill quickly.​

Terms and  Conditions

Publicity and Photography Release

As a parent or legal guardian of the above-named student, I hereby authorize and consent to the use of his/her visual image by Bridge International Christian Academy for appropriate purposes, including but not limited to: still photography, videotape, electronic and print publications, and websites. I give this consent with no claim for payment. 자녀의 사진이 이 기관의 웹페이지나 쇼셜미디어 페이지에 쓰일수 있는 것에 동의합니다. 

Liability Waiver and Medical Release
This is a legally binding Consent Form and Release of Liability made voluntarily by me, the undersigned Releaser, on my own behalf, and on the behalf of my heirs, executors, administrators, legal representatives and assigns to Bridge International Christian Academy (hereinafter "BICA").   By the execution of this waiver of liability form, I acknowledge that the student listed above is capable of participating in the activities. I also assume all risks of the student participating in the activities, whether such risks are known or unknown to me at this time. I release and hold harmless this organization, leaders, volunteers, and any agents from any claim the student or I may have due to the result of any injury or illness incurred during participation in the BICA. I accept and assume full responsibility for any and all injuries, damages, and losses that may occur to the student from any participation in the activities.  It is my understanding that the student participating in BICA is a privilege. I acknowledge that participation in these activities may inherent certain risks, including physical injury due to activity related accidents, illness, or even death. I also understand that there may be other risks due to these activities that I may not be aware of at this time.  In an emergency, I acknowledge that I am solely responsible for all medical and other costs arising out of bodily injury or any loss sustained through participation in this activity. I authorize program staff to secure any licensed hospital, physician and/or medical personnel for any treatment deemed necessary for the participant's immediate care. 나는 내 자녀가 다친 경우 BICA의 스텦에 의해서 구급차가 불러지고 병원으로 이송되는 것에 동의합니다. 


 Pick-up Policy
I, as a parent or legal guardian of the above-named student, agree to bring my child to school for classes and pick him/her up immediately at the end of classes. If I fail to pick up my child on time, I agree to pay possible late charges. Any family picking up a child beyond program ending time will be assessed $5.00 per child for the first 30 minutes late and $2.00 per 5 minutes thereafter, per event, as a late penalty. 나는 내 자녀를 약속시간보다 늦게 픽업하는 경우 처음 30분에 $5 그 이후 매 5분마다 $2를 추가 지불할 것입니다. 

Participation Permission
I, as a parent or legal guardian of the above-named student, agree that my child has my permission to participate in the indoor/outdoor BICA activities. 

Late tuition policy
An automatic late fee of $10.00 will be added to your child’s tuition account after the 1st session of each semester and should be included with your late tuition payment. 수업첫날이 지난 이후에는 수업료에 $10추가 지불할 것입니다. 

Material Purchase
I, as a parent or legal guardian of the above-named student, agree that I will purchase necessary supplies

Refund Policy
If you cancel with more than 30 days till the session start dates, the full refund will be given. 15-30 days until the session start date, 70 % refund   7-14 days until the session start date, 50% refund 6 days prior to start of the session start date, no refund. 30일전에 취소하면 전액 환불 받게 되며, 15일 이전에는 70%, 7일 이전에는 50% 그리고 6일전부터는 환불이 되지 않음에 동의합니다. 




Contact us

For more information, please contact Yeonjai Rah, director of BICA., 512-363-6595