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High Queen Narnia

BICA Narnia Class Queen Josephine the Brilliant was elected as the High Queen of Narnia. Every student gave themselves a Narnian royal name and proposed three new rules for Narnia. All the students fairly voted and she got the most votes and became the high queen. 나니아 11번째 마지막 온라인 클래스. 1과부터 17과까지 다 마쳤습니다. 나니아에서 주인공 4명이 왕와 여왕이 되듯이, 우리 아이들도 나니아의 왕과 여왕이 되어보았습니다. 왕관을 만들었고, 새로운 이름을 지었답니다. 그리고 나니아의 새로운 왕으로 법률 3개씩을 선포했습니다. 그리고 그 법률들25 개 가운데 가장 타당한 법률 3개씩 투표를 했고, 가장 많은 표를 받은 자를 High King/ Queen으로 뽑았습니다. 그가운데 무려 9표를받은Queen Josephine the Briliant가 High Queen으로선정되어, 영예의coronation speech (왕위즉위대표연설)을 거행하였어요. 우리의 하이퀸 죠세피나유어하이네스의 즉석연설을 비디오에서 확인해보세요 .

Rule 1 My first rule is that any resident of Narnia that is sued should have a fair hearing; a defender and a plaintiff. No one is sentenced to death, but it shall be considered if they are the cause of deaths and murders. Rule 2 My second rule is that there is and never will be any borders. The residents of Narnia can go freely anywhere, unless there is a forbidden land forbidden to all. Rule 3 I would have a council to help me make my decisions, and I would listen to them all. I would also pay attention to the residents’ complaints, so I could make Narnia a better, happy place.

King Heesung the Truthful King Joseph the Great Queen Josephine the Brilliant King Taehoon the Greatful Queen Victoria the Caring King Roy da Gamer King Steven the great King Noah the Origami

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