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Charles and Beth Avery Scholarship

Bridge International Christian Academy is committed to enrolling a talented and diverse student body and seeks students who aspire to academic excellence, spiritual growth, and active participation.  We never want to turn anyone away from the BICA experience because of an inability to pay for the full cost of tuition. Therefore, a scholarship program has been created to help children who require financial assistance. Each Scholarship or Award is granted for one semester.  Students must reapply for any additional semester.

MK Scholarship

Awarded to the student whose parent  is a full-time Christian missionary, a minister in a small church. Full or half tuition scholarship will be offered depending on the financial need of the family. 

Applicant must submit the followings:

  • An application

  • A copy of a letter verifying the parent's ministry (The organization's leader's phone, email, signature must be included.)

Need-Based Scholarship

 Full or half tuition grants may be awarded to any student who receives SNAP. (see

Applicants must submit the following:

  • An application

  • A copy of SNAP approval letter 

    ** Applicants for Financial Aid Scholarship should attach a copy of the SNAP (food stamps) approval letter.   It will take around 30 days to get a notice telling you whether or not you are eligible for benefits within 30 days.  If you do not have  this year SNAP approval letter, you should apply for SNAP first. And then fill  BICA scholarship form.  (SNAP application site here.)  

How to Submit 

Application forms are available here.   Fill the form, and email to the school administration 

Scholarship deadlines are Fall Semester, September 1; Spring Semester, February 1; Summer Camp June 1.

Exemplary Attitude Award Winners

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